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Aapad means calamity, misfortune, distress or adversity. Aapannivarine means 'to Him who prevents calamities, etc'. This means salutation to Him who saves us from misfortune and adversity. Since misfortune or fortune is the inevitable consequence of our actions, Baba saves us from them by

(1) strengthening us to bear their impact;

(2) reducing their impact by interposing Bhakthi towards Him, between the distress and us (like an umbrella which shelters us from rain, or footwear which prevent thorns from hurting our soles),

(3) preparing us to treat both fortune and misfortune as equally illusory and meaningless;

(4) Himself bearing the illness and completely preventing it from affecting us. Sai Baba said, "I have to suffer for your sake to remove your sufferings".

(5) Himself appear in person or as some other person to avert the calamity in time, e.g. the Bhopal revolver incident where He appeared as 3 individuals to change the mind of the person attempting suicide; the Jodi Adipalli Somappa incident where He appeared as 3 individuals to save a child from death, the incident where He appeared in a moving train in Uttar Pradesh inside a coach as a 'Punkhawalla" to replace a fan's fuse and prevent a raging fire.

His eyes and ears are everywhere at all times and so, He saves and safeguards those who call on Him or rely on Him, in all Continents, on land or water, earth or sky. He declares, "Ensuring the safety of the devotee is one of the tasks I have taken on."