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'Sulabha (easily) prasanna (delighted, pleased). Baba is pleased to confer grace even when we take the very first step towards Him. The Lord is Omniscient, and full of mercy but, He expects at least a craving for protection in the persons who desire to have it (Sarvajnophthi Viswesah, Sadhaa Kaarunikopisath, Samsara Thanthra Vaahithwaath, Takshapeksham Prathikshate). If He were not of His own volition to lift up a mortal from sorrow, without the need of even a prayer, He would be reckoned heartless, and indifferent; If He extends His protection to some mortals only without their praying to Him, He will be charged with capriciousness and partiality. So, He is Prasanna (Favourable) to those who seek protection, and follow certain disciplinary rules and moral regulations. Since he is Viswesvar, Lord of All, the Lord cannot be capricious or partial. He does not look for fruits or flower offerings, even. "Ask - it shall be given. Pray - it shall be answered. Submit - you shall be accepted. But if you stand apart, afar, determined to be mute and unmoved, the Lord will pass you by." Baba has declared that He will save all those who worship Him with Niyama and Nishta, which mean, not ceremonial exactitude but inner purity and sense control. Constant remembrance of the glory and grace of God is enough Niyama and Nishta.'