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'When some one asked Him "What is this power that you possess by which you are able to read us like a book?" Baba replied, "This is no power, which I have earned; this is no power which I use in specific instances. This is my very nature. I do not 'enter' into your mind and 'discover' what lies hidden there and 'reveal' them to you: I am ever there; I am the motivator of all minds. You cannot think or feel or act without My being aware of it". That is why He reads us like a book, for He is the will of the hand that writes the book. He lives every word on every page, of our history. And the word is shaped by the law of inevitable consequence, sometimes modified by grace, earned by yearning for God. Sri Krishna said, "Do not be under the impression that you are the doer, that you have to bear the burden! If you convince yourself that I am the doer, I shall bear the burden". Baba too says, "Why fear when I am here" (i.e. "in your heart").