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Maheswara is another name for Siva meaning 'auspiciousness' or 'profusion of favours'. The most meaningful symbol of Siva is the oval shaped figure called the Linga (Symbol); It is like the Zero '0' and Siva can be attained only when the circle of discipline is complete and when man realises that "he is nobody, the world is nothing and there is nowhere to go or nothing to lose, or gain."

Baba creates these symbols of Siva in Himself and allows thousands to witness their emergence, on the great day dedicated to the worship of Siva, or Maheswara, viz., Maha-Siva-Rathri. Siva is also the third aspect of Divinity, the Layakaaraka, the merciful God who merges all in the universal, reduces all to the ultimate ash.

So Siva is clothed in ash (Vibhuthi) from His palm, his forehead, His feet and His pictures. For His devotees, this gift of ash is the panacea for all physical, mental and intellectual illnesses. Baba is indeed Maheswara.

Maheswara also means the supreme God - the sovereign of all the Gods (Maha-Isvara) (Great God Supreme). Since Baba has graciously declared that He is Sarva-Devatha-Swaroopa; Viswa-Viraat-Swaroopa, He is undoubtedly Maheswara Swarupa.