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Yasahkaaya means 'fame','body-fame' and glory, apart from the actual physical form. Baba is Shirdivasi, He who lived in Shirdi. Though the form is now different, the fame and the glory are the same, for, the declarations, the assurances, the wisdom, the message, the grace, the manifestations of mercy are all the same. In the Sathya Sai form, the 'Yasah' or came is spreading faster and farther; for , now, the new means of communication are being used to the fullest extent. At Shirdi, Baba said in 1918, "I shall come again after 8 years" and in 1926, He came as Sathya Sai. Sai Baba appeared in a vision to Gayathriswami at Puttaparthi and told him, "I have come away here, after 8 years in the Samadhi. I brought all My properties to this plce from there, 'fifteen' years later". Sai Baba brought to Puttaparthi the 'properties' all of them, viz., the Yasahkaaya' (Viz. the Name, the Gothra, the Sakthi. 'the Jnana' the Lokasangraha Karma) in His fourteenth year, when He announced Himself, as Sai Baba of Shirdi (14 years since Birth and 9 months gestation to be added, to make the fifteen, as Baba has confirmed).

Baba is fast gathering unto Himself the loyalty, adoration and affection of those devoted to the Shirdi-Vasin (that is to say, Baba who was at Shirdi).  While at Shirdi, He was physically in the same place continuously for years; now, He is giving darsan all over the world, in His fame-body (Yasahaaya).