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Baba prevents (Nivarana) Sarva (all) Bhaya (fears). If we put our faith in Him, He saves us from fear. Baba saves us from our own foolishness and perversity. For example, when a Bhaktha attempted to shoot himself, He manifested before him as his old college-mate and turned his mind away from the thought of death. He also removed the revolver from that house so that the foul plan might fail.

Baba saves us from disease and dishonour, from doubt and despair. When Charles Penn saw petrol splashing on the windshield of his plane high up in the California sky, he writes, "I had no fear, for I saw Baba by my side"; He gives darshan to Bhakthas at the operation table to remove fear. At the moment of death, He vouchsafes His darshan, to ease the passage and cease their rounds of birth and death. Fear cannot exist where faith in Baba dwells for He is the unfailing source of courage and conviction. Baba stops raging fire miles aware by His mere will! A thick bamboo cluster on fire in Tejpur (Assam) put a few huts in fear of destruction. When the lady of the house cried out, in agony, "Sathya Sai Baba" the fire slowed down and went out, in 5 seconds, "Not even a few fire engines could have put it out so quick", says the Army officer, who witnessed it. He can quieten the hungry flames of hatred too.