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Ananda means Bliss, pure purifying Joy. This name emphasises that Baba is the supreme, the Niraakaara come in human form. Sankaracharya says " This Brahman il Bliss, from which we are seen separated, through upadhis, as drops of water from tbe ocean and when we attain unity, it is Brahman"; Baba is Brahman, for 'Brahmavid Brabmaiva Bhavithi'. 'The knower of Brahmin verily becomes Brahman'. He is "Parana Anandaswarupa".

The Sai who is in man and the Sai who is in the Sun, 'Sa Ekah', He is one. "In whatever being there is Bliss, whether in man or in other sentient creatures or in the devas or cosmic beings, whatever may be the vehicle or upadhi, all Bliss is one. All beings live on a small portion of that Immeasurable Bliss" thus says the Veda. The Ananda we get, when we see Him, speak to Him or touch His Feet or when we recapitulate the Darsan, Sparsan and Sambbashana that we have with Him, is never-falling, it is Invigorating ; it is elevating ; it is pure spiritual Bliss.

Baba is Ananda Swarupa ; He invites all to pour their grief, their pain, their distress at His feet and take from Him the Ananda that He so freely and fully grants. He is the ocean of Ananda ever the same, undisturbed, unshaken and undiminished.