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Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sal Baba asks all to bring to Him their sorrows and griefs and to take from Him what He so generously grants, Ananda. So, He is most appropriately called, 'Ananda Daayl' (He who grants Ananda), the Highest Ananda (the Ananda of the recognition of our Inner Reality). The Taittiriya Upanlshad says 'Suppose, a youth, a good youth, learned in the sacred lore, promptest In action, steadiest In heart, strongest In body, and suppose all this earth and all its wealth are his; this is human bliss. A hundred times this bliss. Is the bliss of the Gandharvas. A 100 times this Ananda is the Ananda of Deva Gandharvas! A 100 times this. Is the Ananda of the Pitrs who live In the long-enduring worlds. A 100 times this. Is the bliss of the Ajaanaja devas. A 100 times this, is the Ananda of the Karma Devas; a 100 times this. Is the Ananda of Devas; a 100 times this, is the Ananda of Indra; Brihaspathi has Ananda a 100 times that of Indra; a 100 times this. Is the bliss of Prajapati; the bliss of Brahman or Brahmananda Is the Bliss of Prajapati multiplied a hundred fold; In it, there Is no distinction, as Bliss and as Enjoyer of Bliss*.

This Ananda that Baba is. Is what He encourages us to attain and ultimately grants!  For those who have known Him, He is Ananda; Ananda is He. They know naught else; they need naught else. Subordinate and secondary grades of Bliss He grants, only to develop In us the appetite for the Sadhana, to attain this Highest Ananada, (Brahmananda), that He is.