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'Baba is the giver of boons; vara (boon) da (giver). Man is a Divine spark encased in five sheaths (Kosas) and Baba by His boons helps all the Kosas to function effectively, so that the Spark of Divinity may be kept alive and aflame. The Annamaya Kosa or the gross physical sheath He guards from illness; the Pranamaya Kosa or the nerve sheath He saves from upset. The Manomaya Kosa  or the mind sheath He guards from insanity, worry and agitation. The Vijnanamaya Kosa or intellect sheath He guards from both clog and fog. The Anandamaya Kosa or the Bliss sheath, He feeds and fosters. All boons that promote the innate purpose of all these sheaths, He grants  profusely; but His grace is granted in order that the body may be worthy of the voyage from death to immortality, that nervous energy may serve to establish equanimity, poise and balance, that the mind may be free from agitation, that the intellect may be sharp enough to grasp the Universal and Absolute and that the Bliss may be unbroken and full. Baba's boons are available for the asking. "Knock and it shall be opened".

In several instances Baba has himself knocked and conferred the Boon! When a person is ripe for the gift through suffering or repentance or prayer or righteousness or austerity or study, the Varada (the giver of Boons) is ready with the sign of Grace.'