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Baba Is the Sahaaya (help, refuge, companion) for the A-Sahaaya (helpless; refugeless; companionless). Saha means 'with'. If you have no one 'with' you, do not believe that you are 'alone'. Baba is with you! You have only to remember Him, call on Him. He says He is Ventane (behind you), Jantane (with you), Intane (in your home), Kantane (within sight). When persons go on journeys from Puttaparthi taking permission from Him, He says, "I shall be with you all through as a ticketless passenger" and He is ! He saved a pilot from suicide by drinking poison. A child was about to be run over by a car, but within 3 feet, the car stopped and the driver plumped on the steering wheel, unconscious! This happen­ed on a road in Trichur, Kerala. A Yogi was whirled down the Ganga on raging flood and Baba rafted him along to safety ! A Christian was so much the slave of drink that he was a disgrace to his kith and kin and to his friends; he was taken to the house of a devotee of Baba where Vibhuthi was showering from all pictures, including that of Jesus Christ; He was so overcome by Grace, that he tell on his knees and swore that he would never drink again. So long as we feel we have some one to help us, He will leave us alone; but, if we feel that He alone can save us. He does ! When doctors give us up or we give up the doctors. He doctors us 1 When darkness over­whelms us. He sheds light; when despair threatens us, His words instill Hope.