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 Baba is the greatest bandhu, baandhava, (well wisher) of the Loka (World). 'Bandhu' is derived from Bindham; Bond, Attachment, Affection. Baba has declared "Where­as your own father and mother arc attached to you through Nir bandham (compulsory. Inescapable obligations) I am attached to you through Sam-bandham (pleasant, willingly-undertaken obligations)". So, H; Is a more affectionate mother and more discriminating father than our parents can ever be. He declared He has come down to guide mankind away from the path of wrong. Rama said 'I have come to make this world a-raakshasam, (devoid of evil men...):" That was the measure of His Love!

Baba says, "Wickedness Is now Infecting every human heart. So, I have to cleanse mankind of this evil, tender­ly, through love. I have to draw them to Me and teach them to walk aright." He is the Bandhu of the entire world (Loka). 'Every nation is a room in my Mansion; I do not belong to Andhra Pradesh or even to India.* "Jagath-thrayam Saambhava-Narthana Sthalee." "The three worlds are the Dance Hall of Siva," say the Scriptures. Baba moves with ease and speed from one room to another of His Mansion, in order to inspire, instruct and Improve man.