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'The Universal Eternal Absolute can be cognised only as Sath, Chith and Ananda. 'It is' - 'It knows'- 'It is Bliss'. It is all of this, ever. Ekam eva adwitheeyam: only one, without a second. That Ekam felt, 'Ekoham bahusyaam': 'I am one, let Me become Many' and all this came about. Baba is He who willed so. He is the Sath. Purusha means : "Poornam anena sarvam" - He by whom all this is filled. Purusha also means, the dweller in the Puram or Fort. The Fort is the body with five rings of walls (the Panchakosas) and the nine gates. 'Deho devalayam', the body is the Temple and he is the God installed therein: As Sath, Baba is all this; as Purusha He is in our Puram or Body, in a special sense.

Sath Purusha also means 'a good person', any good person. Now, while Baba is in persons, he is more manifest, patent and potent in "good persons". A person is good because He has toughened his detachment; He has strengthened his impulse to serve others; He has broadened his vision; He has widened his sympathies. Baba is the real motivator in all Sath-purushas, in all good men.  He is the One Sathpurusha, of who the good men of the world are faint fractional images.'