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The Lord dwells in the hrudaya of 'Sarva' bhuthaanaam (in the region of the heart of all beings) says Gita 18. 61. The heart does not mean the physiological organ. It is the root and refuge of all Kama or desire. The Kathopanishad 6. 14 says that, as soon as all the Kamas which infest the Hrudaya or heart leave it, man becomes Immortal; he enjoys Brahman; he becomes Brahmam. The Atma which is Anandaswarupa Is In the Hrudaya-Akasa, (the sky of the heart). The Hrudaya must be rid of the knots of doubts and pride. Then only will the Lord reveal Himself therein.

'Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God'. Baba has said', 'The entire kingdom, every square inch, belongs to the monarch who rules over it. But when be is Inclined to recline, he does not sit on the first spot that he sees, does he ? He selects a spot which is clean and free of thorns, which is level and soft. So too, though all hearts are His (Sarva hrud, all Hearts, Vaasin, Dweller), He manifests Himself only in those, that are pure.

This is the great inducement that Baba holds before us, to make our hearts pure. He will reside in our hearts, if we cleanse them of evil. We can adore Him there, we can become aware of Him there.