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Baba cures the driest, the most deep-rooted of all 'rogas' (diseases) viz Bhavaroga (the disease of recurring birth and death) which afflicts man What then should we say of the cure He effects of countless minor ailments?

Disease draws the mind that is turned Godwards into the mire of the sense and into the pains that embarrass the physical coil of man. So, Baba cures diseases too, especially when one surrenders to His will and feels that whatever He does. is to be welcomed. The Vibhoothi or other articles He creates from His own Hand or from His pictures, anywhere In the world, is a panacea for all the ills of man.

Baba declares that He cures physical ills in order to draw people towards Him so that they might realise their latent but potent disease of Maya and cure themselves, in time. He refers to the illness, for the cure of which we go to Him as 'Your Guru' which has led us to the acceptance of Right Knowledge, Right Action and Right Thinking, under His Gracious Direction.