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Baadha—means 'pain', 'torment', 'peril'; 'Hara' means, he who destroys. Baba destroys or removes all types of peril and pain. He announced that the Chinese hordes will not advance and mar the joy of His Birthday Cele­brations on Nov. 23, 1962, and they mysteriously started withdrawing on the night of Nov. 22 the unexpected retreat was by an advancing army(!) for no known reason.

He went on with preparations for the Dasara festivities in 1965, in spite of the campaigns and counter-campaigns of the lndo-Pakistan conflict. He announced that the hostilities will cease in time, and quite dramatically, to the surprise of the combatants and many leaders in both countries and in the United Nations Organisation, cease fire was declared, with two days to spare, before Dasara began.

Even minor perils, like rain, which might disturb a festival or procession or public meeting are averted by His Grace. Individuals too escape mental or physical torment by calling on Him In their distress. There are many cases of devotees escaping with no injury from frightful car collisions and accidents, accidental fires, falling from heights and even running trains etc , by resorting to His Name. Baba Himself has declared that 'when His name is called by anyone from anywhere, at any time, from the depth of the heart. He has to manifest Himself and render rescue!'. Baba has said, while at Shlrdi, 'I will not allow my devotees to come to harm.'