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Baba is the Avathar of the age, come to restore Dharma and save man from downfall. He is the Sanathana Sarathi, The Eternal Charioteer. One of His acts as charioteer was at Kurukshetra when He instructed Arjuna in the Science of Liberation.


We are all in Kurukshetra, the field where the battle of good against evil, contentment against greed, charity against hate, brotherhood against avarice is being waged. Every man, (since the first man) needed a charioteer who could instruct him and guide him. And the Lord is Inside the chariot of the body, willing to take the reins and direct the horses (senses) along the pith of Truth and Love. But alas, only a few accept Him, recognise Him, or heed Him. Baba is the Sanathana Sarathi, the primeval Purusha, the dweller within the Divine city (the Body).


The Purusha means 'He who was and Is, in the past and In the present'. 'Adi' means 'the very first'. The Lord Is the 'very first' Person, the digit, that gives value to the zeroes that follow.


Purusha means also 'He who confers the fruit. Baba confers on sadhakas the fruit they are striving for, the vision of Ishtadevatha, just as He granted a vision of Himself as Padmanabha to Swam) Purushothamananda, at Vasishta Guha, on the Ganga, near Rishikesh.