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Many devotees experience Bhagavan Sri Sai Baba as their Mother; so deep is His love and His consideration for the comfort and progress of His children.


Baba has Himself declared that He is Siva-Sakthi; He often describes Prasanthi Nilayam to women devotees as Your own mother's Home'. Baba is Adi Sakthi; the energy aspect of Adi Purusha, if it is conceived as separate. This energy is believed to be feminine and worshipped as such during Navarathri, the festival of the Mother, of Adi Sakthi (the Primal Energy). Baba evinces Himself as Saraswathi, Durga and Lakshmi, for He presides over the Vidwath Sabha as (he Goddess of Learning.


He presides over the Vedic Yajna as Durga, ihe Goddess of spiritual success; and He distributes largesse as Lakshmi. It is then that one notices and experiences Him most, as Aadisakthl. Baba has vouchsafed visions of Himself as Mabalakshmi and Gouri to women devotees. He has the overpowering Love of the supreme mother, the
Aadi Sakthi, especially towards 'children of all ages' who are weak, defective, handicapped in the march towards God-realisation, by excessive scholarship, wealth, authority, ignorance, and Indigence.