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Sathyam as a Guna or as a characteristic or virtue or quality is described by Sankaracharya as 'Apriya Anrutha Varjitham', "Yathaa Abhooth, Arthavaachnam", speaking of an incident, fact or thing just as it happened, or as it exists or as it was observed; without causing pain to the hearers and adding or subtracting any detail. Baba has placed this virtue foremost in the list of the four that He seeks in us: Sathya, Dharma, Santhi and Prema. Since he is the embodiment of the principle of Sathya (Sath). He is the inner prompter, the inner witness, the inner mentor, the Atma of Sathyaguna. He knows the tiniest trace of falsehood that tarnishes our thoughts and fouls our feelings. He sees through the thickest veil of pretence. While serving Him, we realise more and more the correctness of 'Sathyam eva Jayathi' 'Truth alone wins'.  Once a devotee brought something to be offered to Him. His grown up son protested that Baba will not accept it and advised his father not to purchase it. When at last the father did purchase it, the son hoped that Baba will refuse to accept it and was glad that he could then use it himself. When the thing was place before Baba, He said, "This thing was bought for your son:  Give it to him". That is the measure of His sensitivity to Truth. The minutest falsehood or insincerity will be caught by His omniscience. We cannot delve into the science of this Omniscience! Baba chastises and chides weaklings, who waver on the brink of Truth and deviate from honest behaviour on account of fear or anxiety to please.'