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Baba is here glorified as He who wears 'golden' robes. This is in accordance with religious tradition which prescribes 'gold' for the dress of God. He is Kalitha Kanaka Chela or Peethambaradhari ('Yellow-clothed', yellow being the colour of gold). Baba now wears a long gown. While at Shirdi He wore the same style.


The gown as well as dhothi worn round, are of 'coloured' cloth, for quicker recognition; they are of any material, not necessarily silk. Bdba declares that the joy that shines in the faces of people is the food on which He thrives. Devotees yearn to see Him in silken robes of crimson and yellow and He dons them to give them joy. In classical texts, the Lord is described as Kanakaambara dhaarl or Peethaambara Dhaari. It is therefore eminently appropriate that Baba wears the Peethambara and is adored with this name. But whatever the material, to the eye of faith, the raiment of God is as bright as gold and as precious. It is Kanaka (gold) ambara (dress).