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Adbbutha Charya, means 'astonishing activities' the  name means 'He whose activities astonish'.


Adbhutba is derived from 'na-bhootham' (not found In the past) 'unprecedented'. In the Vedas, it means also 'Invisible', 'not seen anywhere'.


There is no doubt that the wisdom, grace and power of Sathya.Sal Baba are unprecedented. We have no record 'that Krishna by His will showered Vibhoothi, Kumkum, Sandal Powder, Turmeric, Honey. Amrith or Butter from His Images or Pictures or from the Pictures of other forms of God worshipped by His devotees anywhere In Bharathavarsha; but this is the experience of at least a thousand homes between the Himalayas and the Cape today, and even a few In far off lands across the seas.


When a devotee In the U.S.A. prayed for proof of His Presence (shower of Vibhuthi ?) he was pleasantly surprised by the answer He got: on Baba's Picture, there appeared a sapphire with 8 rays, a jewel worn round the neck ! It is there still !


Baba communicates with those whom He decides to bless. In dreams or by telephone or telegram or letters which are sent and received quite apart from the conventional means, by miraculous methods! Often slips of paper with the Message fall from His Pictures; He partakes of food offered reverentially in far off places by devotees
in their own homes. He appears before them. in His actual form, and spends hours conversing with them and listening to and singing Bhajans, as He did at Manjeri (in Kerala) when He was actually 'present and active' in Venkataglrl (Andhra Pradesh).