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While the Name-gem 64 referred to Baba as tfie very form that Love assumed and Name-gem 65 characterised Him as the very embodiment of Prema, this Name glorifies Him as the source of Prema, the granter of Prema, the Inspirer of Love in all beings. Baba often addresses gatherings as 'Premaswarupulaara' I.e. as 'Embodiments of Prema'. For He has come to help each one to recognise the spring of Prema that is In him.


And, what is that spring? It is Himself, the Sal which Is our Reality, the Antharyami, the Inner Motivator. He grants the gifts of Love from within the heart. Countless are the instances where through His Blessings, hearts hard as stone, have softened into sympathy with all those who offer. That Is the measure of His Grace.


His Prema has healed old sores in the families where His Picture Is enshrined. Fathers and sons have come together again; mothers have regained the love of their children; brothers have embraced each other after years of estrangement. Family feuds have ended; lawlessness has learnt the sweet taste of peace; pride has become humble, palms have joined in prayer. He teaches mutual help and service He assures us that He Is In all; and He encourages brotherliness and loving deeds of sympathy. Sathya is the current of electricity, Dharma is the wire that helps It flow, Santhi is the bulb which transmutes it and Prema, Baba says, is the Light.