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Baba is Priya, dear to all, receiving the homage of love from all. He is liked, welcomed, sought after by all. Children, young persons, grownups, the aged, the poor, the sick, the unfortunate, the affluent, those who speak and understand the language of the heart, the sage and sufferer; the wise and unwise, all are loved by Him, all love Him. A cobbler Invited Him to his hovel; He responded ! He boarded a bullock cart to proceed In procession along the cobble-stoned roads of Budili village ! He says 'Your Santosha (Contentment and joy) is my Ahara (Food)'. He has said, 'At Shirdi, I was sometimes harsh, I used to beat off some, but now, I have come, to feed the hungry, and serve everyone the feast I got ready then. So, I have to speak soft and kind. so that you may eat happily and digest easily the banquet of the spirit! Baba is so full of Love that He allows all to approach Him and touch His feet, and receive His grace, even though no fault or failing of ours is bidden from Him. Though aware of our errors. He advances towards us, with His forgiving smile In order to encourage us to come away, from the slippery path of vice, wickedness and wrong, into the royal road of virtue, love and contemplation of the supreme.


He is as affectionate as the mother, as lovingly authoritarian as the father, as considerate as the teacher, as forgiving as God. So, He Is loved by all who long to secure a loving mother, a .wise father, a sympathetic teacher and a compassionate God.