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Na Me Bhakthah pranasyathi (My devotees never come to harm) said the Lord, in the Bhagavad Gita. 'If one's mind ever dwells on Me and will not even taste food, before offering It to Me, I am his slave', said Sai Baba, at Shirdi. 'I shall be waiting outside the Puja room door, to
carry out the prayers of My devotees' says Sathya Sal Baba. Baba who has guarded the homes of devotees from thieves, driven away angry crowds from attacking them during outbursts of communal frenzy, national war and riots; saved lonely frontiersmen from alien foes surrounding them; all this, when the Bhakthas have been far away from Him, because He has no 'far', and no 'near'. Al are near, to him. He says, 'I shall guard you as the eyelids guard your eyes.' He has placed money In the purses of people when they wept that they had no money to go to His place for darsan; He has even dropped near His
picture in the shrine room In far off places. Railway tickets to. Penukonda station to gladden them and ease the path for their pilgrimage to him. The only qualification needed to deserve His Grace is Bhakthi—accepting the Lord as the Sole Guide and Guardian. He says, "I am drawn by Bhakthi towards the Bhaktha". And Bhakthi, He defines as "Bha-towards Bhagavan or God; kthi rakthi  or attachment". That is to say, unswerving attachment, undivided loyalty to God. All who have cultivated this attitude or are struggling to cultivate it, are guided and guarded by Him.