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"Sadhu" stands for virtue, righteousness, piety and perfection. Baba promotes in those whom He selects (that is to say, those who have the good fortune to accept His guidance, seeking Him out as they think they do) all the virtuous qualities. He insists on 'Practice' and 'Experience', on 'Character' as the fruit of sadhana, and 'Virtue' as the sweet juice that fills the fruit. He has said that the phrase in the Gita - 'Parithraanaaya Sadhunaam (for protecting Sadhus) Chap IV, Yoga of Knowledge. "Whenever there is decline of righteousness, and unrighteousness is in the ascent, then I body Myself forth for the protection of the virtuous, for the destruction of evil doers, and for establishing Dharma on a firm footing, I am born from age to age") - does not refer to Sadhus in ochre robes but to good men who are detached from worldly pleasures and worldly objects. Numerous are the instances where He has healed the wounds caused by unrighteousness. Revere the parents, honour the teachers, respect elders and scholars, seek out opportunities of service, spread joy and contentment, do not indulge in slander, ignore the faults of others, do not extol your own merits, fix your attention on the Sai that is in every other living being; these are the directions, He gives. These will develop the Sadhu qualities in us. He loves and draws near to Himself good men of all castes, countries and races; so, every one is persuaded to examine his faults and vices and become better in every way so that he may win His Love; He sees through pretension and humbug; it is impossible to impose on His Confidence by means of pomp or external signs of goodness or purity. He can be satisfied only with genuine, consistent sincerity.