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Baba is here glorified as not only Installing Himself In the hearts of (Devotees) but positively enjoying It. 'Vihara' means sport. Baba sports, plays happily, in the hearts of devotees.


How then are we to earn that supreme good fortune? How are we to become the Bhaktha, in whose Hridaya He will sport ? Baba has declared, In the face of lakhs who have gathered to hear Him, "1 do not address you as Bhakthas because here is not even a single person  among you who deserve to be called so." Therefore, it seems to be a task next to Impossible, to have Him sport within us.

But Baba has given to us the recipe; "Be straight, free from crookedness with nothing in you, no attachment to anything as 'belonging' to you. In fact become a flute, a hollow reed, a straight, clear, clean flute and the Lord will play with you, the Lord's breath will blow through you, and the world will wake to the Divine music."

In fact, the word Hridayam (Heart) Is derived from Hridi (in the heart) ayam (He). It is only when He sports in the inner field that it can be called heart of Hridayam


Bhakthi is present when no Vibhakthi Is present', says Baba. Vibhakthi means separation or division. Where there is no Vjbbakthi there can only be union. Identification with the Lord. The real Bhaktha has no will of his own; his will Is the Lord's will. His acts are of the Lord. His words are prompted by the Lord and are filled with the Lord. They are all offerings to the Lord.