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'Sujnaana means right knowledge. Marga Darsaka is the person who shows the path. Baba is the Guru who shows us the path of attaining right knowledge. His Prasanthi Vidwanmahasabha, which is spreading its activities all over India is intended (1) to show humanity the road to right knowledge, leading to self-realisation. (2) to clear that road, of overgrowth which is making passage difficult, and (3) to train the traditional exponents of Sujnana as found in the Vedas, to communicate their experience to the people. The 'Sanathana Sarathi' magazine appearing monthly in many languages contains His invaluable advice on spiritual discipline. The 'interviews' He grants everyday at the Prasanthi Nilayam or wherever He is, are also intimate personal lessons in the Sujnana Marga. His discourses are clarion calls for humanity to realise its Divine destiny.

Every word of His is a Manthra, every discourse an Upanishad. When Swami Abhedananda of the Sri Ramana Ashram, Tiruvanamalai yearned for His Presence so that He may be freed from doubts and planned to proceed to Prasanthi Nilayam, Baba appeared before him in the Ashram itself (!) and instructed him on the Sujnana-Marga he must tread!'

Baba shows the path of Bhakthi and through Bhakthi to Jnana, to all aspirants. "The dusty fair- weather District Board road of Karma leads to the metalled State Government road of Bhakthi and this leads to the nice Asphalted National Highway of Jnana", says Baba.

He is the guide, once you start on the path to the goal of self-realisation. He takes you by the hand and leads you making every step easier than the previous one, removing obstacles, providing sustenance (physical and spiritual).

While only 16 years old, Baba assured the aged Digambaraswami that He would provide him with food and shelter, wherever he may be, if he engaged himself in rigorous one-pointed Thapas, until he attained Self-realisation. He assured the 70 year-old Swami Satchidananada that He would take full charge of him, if he chose the path of Thapas, wherever he may be.

'Jnanaad eva thu kaivalyam' By Jnana alone is liberation attained, says Baba. But just as a fruit undergoes three stages of development, fruiting, maturity and ripeness, man too has to pass through Karma, Upasana and Jnana. When the Jnana stage is reached, sweetness fills the fruit and man is full of Bliss. Baba is the Sun which matures and ripens the fruit and fills it with Ananda.'