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'In the Gita itself, the Lord has declared that it was first taught to Adithya (Bodhaka means Teacher) then to Manu and Ikshvaku and to many more, before Arjuna received it, as a rewared for his remorse, detachment, concentration and complete self-surrender. And Arjuna was not the last of the pupils, either. Many more have received it and many are receiving it, all over the world. Baba is not only the Parthasarathi (the charioteer of Arjuna): He is the Sanathana Sarathi, the Eternal Charioteer, installed in every heart. Tell him, Sishyastheham Saadhi Maam Twaam Prapannam' (I am Your disciple, instruct me who has surrendered to you) and you can hear the Gita (appropriate to you) from Him seated on the Chariot (your body) in which He is.

You will have to accept Him and surrender to Him, without reserve, submitting to whatever He grants in His Wisdom and in His Mercy, as Arjuna did. Then He will teach you the Gita you need, the Gita you can grasp. He will also vouchsafe to you to Divine Vision, through which you can experience "Him as All", an even beyond this All as He did to Arjuna on the battle with the hundred treacherous evil-minded cousins (the vile desires) and we need a Gita from Him to keep us on the straight and narrow Path to Truth and Victory.'