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'Since Bhagavan is Jnanaswarupa, He is Jnana-Siddhi-Daaya also, ie
'Jnana-attainment granter' also. He awakens the urge to know. He directs the steps by which the seeker proceeds to attain the awareness. He accompanies us, all the while, as the Guru though He is also the Guri (Goal). It is only at the goal, that He manifests Himself in His true role. Those who have listened to Baba's discourses before mammoth gatherings have realised the absurdity of clinging to transient objects and attractions they have had implanted in their minds, the seeds of discontent and detachment and have subsequently marched under His Inspiration, steadily, on to the goal of Jnanasiddhi, the attainment of the wisdom which illuminates all problems and places.

When the monthly magazine 'Sanathana Sarathi' was started, He gave the Editor the following message, "This day, the Sanathana Sarathi starts the campaign against falsehood, injustice, viciousness and evil, which are all the vile minions of egoism. The army is the Vedas, the Upanishads and the Sastras; the goal is the welfare of the world! When the drums of Victory resound, Humanity would have achieved Happiness and Peace," Happiness and Peace come through Jnanasiddhi (the attainment of the Jnana or awareness of the One, without a Second, which is the source, the sustenance and the substance of the Real and the apparent). Only those who He chooses can have it.'