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'Phala means Fruit (Consequence - Result) Pradaa means 'giver'. 'Phala' or 'Consequence' is the fruit of karma. Karma has two meanings: in a general sense it means action in all its forms; in a special and technical sense, it means ritual action as is prescribed in the Veda. Baba vouchsafes the fruits of both kinds of karma. Baba declares that He is the recipient of all offerings to God everywhere and of all Yajnas and Yagas (Vedic ritual). When He condescends to receive, He confers the fruit too. He has said, 'I wait outside the door of your shrine room, listening to prayers you address to Me from the depths of your hearts so that I may fulfill them. When you cry, 'O Lord! Have You no eyes to see?,' My eyes are there to see!, When you supplicate, 'Lord, have you no ears to hear this cry?' My ears are there to hear. When you call in despair lamenting over your misery, My feet are there for you to hold." He grants the fruit of all who plant and water the tree of faith. It is His law that the karma seed you plant should grow and give fruit, unless you fry it in the fire of Renunciation. Then it cannot sprout and you are freed from the Duality of Joy and Grief.'