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'Baba shines and illumines (Sobitha) the manas (mind) inner consciousness of Sadhus, of minds filled with Sadhu qualities. Sadhu is a word used in the Gita in many senses: Aacharayuktha (equipped with good conduct and behaviour, with good habits), Saastranuvarthi (adhering strictly to the Sastras), Sanmargastha (established in the path most congenial to self-realisation), Samyag-vrittha (engaged in pure activities.

Baba declares that He has come to foster Sadhuthwam (virtue, righteousness, purity) and not the class of people called Sadhus (monks), many of whom have unfortunately failed to live up to the ideals they profess. Whenever a mind has "Sadhu-thwa" (the Sadhu quality) Baba who is always latent there becomes manifest. He once told a Sarvodaya worker that 'I read you mind, not because of any mind-reading power that I have acquired but because I am there always. No one can exercise his mind anywhere without My being aware of it'. So, Baba is in every mind, though He shines (sobhitha) in the Sadhu maanasa, and illumines it with the brilliance called Jnana. The Bhaktha is but a Sadhu in whose mind Baba shines, who is able to visualise through that light, Himself in all. The good, the compassionate, the great benefactors of mankind, are all the Sadhus, in whom He shines, through whom He sheds His grace.'