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'Matha' means 'Religion' and 'Sammatha' is agreeable, acceptable. So Baba is here glorified as He who accepts all religions. This is in recognition of the universal teaching of Baba. Baba has come to fuse, not confuse. He revives Sanathana Dharma, the eternal universal faith, which speaks of 'Ekan', the One of which 'Vipraah' (the wise) 'Bahudhaa Vadanthi' (speak, as many). He denotes every being as Premaswarupa, Santhi-swarupa and Ananda-swarupa, because everyone is Atma-swarupa, and the nature of Atma is - Prema, Santhi and Ananda. Just as he declared that world to be His mansion and each country a room in that mansion, every human being is Himself; for, the world originated only when the Lord was moved by the primal desire, 'I am one; let me become many'. It is He that has become all this, all these.

To whatever form of God you bend or bow, or kneel, the prayer is heard by the self-same One. 'All names are mine. I am also the nameless one', Baba has announced. So, by whatever name He is called He responds. Baba's grace is so vast and limitless that He declares, "there is no atheist at all, for even those who deny God, do love something or someone, do seek peace and joy. That Love is God, that Peace is God, the Joy is God." Therefore, Baba blesses all who have 'Mathi' (minds) enough to have 'Matha' (faith). He says there are as many 'Mathas' (faiths, creeds and religions) as there are 'Mathis' (minds) and so all Mathas are 'Sammatha' to Him. He is in every mind as its motive-force, whether the man labels himself as Sanathani, Arya Samajist, Adwaithin, Visishtadwaithin, Dwaithin, Jain, Sikh, Buddhist, Christian, Moslem, Rationalist, Agnostic or even Atheist!'