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'Bhagawan is the 'Parisodhaka' (rectifier, cleanser) of the maanasa (mind) of Sadhu (aspirants); or He is the corrector of aspiring minds, the guardian who prevents evil and wicked thoughts from breeding there. Baba insists on Namasmarana, the recitation of the Lord's name with constant mental picturisation of His form, in unfailing and unbroken sequence. Therefore, the Sadhumaanasa will be free from foul ideas, foolish doubts or fear. The great advantage which we get if we surrender our minds to Sathya Sai Baba is since we know that He is omnipresent and since He makes us all experience it and be convinced of it, we will be ever vigilant. We know we cannot escape Him, though we hide ourselves to the uttermost. In Him, we secure a 'Parisodhaka'. Corrector, whom we can rely on, who is present always with us. We have only to make our minds 'Sadhu' (good, pure).

The Lord has said that His task is 'Parithraanaaya Sadhunaam' (the rescue of the good). How else is the Lord to rescue man, except by correcting his tendencies and impulses? Baba does this by personal advice, by His letters, His discourses, His direct and indirect influence on character and conduct. His advice to Digambaraswami, Swami Sathchidananda, Swami Abhedananda and others who aspired to the higher life reveals that when He rectifies, the person is, indeed, saved. Baba may put the Sadhus whom he loves (as much as any one else) into distress and dilemma, crossroads and conflicts, so that their devotion and dedication may get touch and deep-rooted. As parisodhaka, He is supremely kind.'