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'Baba destroys Sakal Samsaya, all doubts. For, as said in the Gita, 'He who doubts, dies; He has no delight here or hereafter'. Faith is the rock on which calmness and tranquillity can be built. Baba says, "You put faith in your chauffeur when you ride in your car; you put faith in the engineer who built it when you enter your home. Without faith in your cook, your life is a haunting misery; doubt haunts and horrifies. It destroys love; it drives you into perdition. Have faith in yourself. That is the beginning of your faith in God," says Baba.

Baba is very considerate in removing doubt; He is eager to do so, for He has in view the spiritual progress of every man, woman and child. Even with regard to His present advent, Baba says, 'Do not believe blindly. Come, stay, experience, believe and endeavour to earn grace.' He has asked many who carped at His hair and believed that it was a wig, to have a pull at it! He describes at length the mistake of those who believe that he is fond of pomp. He removes even the tiniest grain of doubt from us, for as He has Himself said, 'Na sukham Samsayaatmanah' 'the doubter has no happiness'. Faith is the bedrock of progress.

He listens patiently to the recitation of our doubts and difficulties, so that we may feel that He has understood them though as our Indweller He knows them all! His 'miracles' are intended to convince us of His Divinity, so that we may accept to be led by Him along the path of righteousness.'