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by A Spiritual Aspirant - A Sadhak (from Mumbai)



Each one of us born with a human body, prays and prays only for one boon - namely, a life which has a prolonged period of peace and ultimately a peaceful end to this sojourn of ours. Peace however, has eluded us despite our best efforts in experiencing it. As a spiritual aspirant, one can experience peace only as a result of the cumulative effort of Spiritual Worship which Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba has so beautifully and systematically enunciated. 'Spiritual Worship' in essence, means participating and  practicing  all  the various spiritual methods like Meditation, Bhajans, Seva, Namasmarana and Study Circle, whereby you elevate yourself to an entirely different style of living which leads you to a state of PEACE and BLISS, even in the midst of a life which is filled with extreme stress and strain.


PEACE and LOVE are like two sides of a coin. They have always been together. Where there is love, there is peace, and where peace has established itself, there has to be love. The most important truth that mankind needs to know today is that we have in our midst the ultimate essence of true "LOVE", whether we call it "PURE LOVE", "DIVINE LOVE" or "SUPREME LOVE", we have "LOVE" walking in our midst in the form of Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba. How then can PEACE elude us? PERFECT PEACE is within our reach. Let us find out how?


Ever since "LOVE", in the form of Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba. manifested on the face of this earth in a small hamlet of Puttaparthi in Andhra Pradesh. a silent spiritual revolution has been underway for the first time in the history of mankind. This Divine revolution or Mission of Bhagavan Baba aims at lifting whole of mankind from the morass of selfish materialism which is setting man against man and bringing humanity together in a bond of love under he "Fatherhood of God and Brotherhood   of   Man". Bhagavan    has    been revolutionising the bond between man and man by upholding before all mankind the truth of One God (the Truth of Divinity in Man), One Religion (of     Selfless     Love), One Language (that of the Heart) and One Caste (that of Humanity). The weapon being wielded by Baba, to push ahead this spiritual revolution and to transform human existence into a Godward pilgrimage for all mankind, is "BOUNDLESS LOVE". Baba's love knows no frontiers, no barriers, and like the Universal Sun, it shines on all. Baba says that the true need of mankind today is neither affluence, nor luxuries, but inner peace and joy which can come only through love and forbearance among people that only spirituality can bring about.


Baba's  emphasis  for attaining PEACE for the individual and for the world is by emphasizing on individual spiritual change. Baba says that if the individual improves spiritually, the society, and the world of which the individual is a limb, will also improve. It is for this purpose that the Sri Sathya Sai Organisation was formed by Bhagavan Baba with a very definite objective - to experience Divinity (perfect Peace or Bliss) which lies within the core of our Human Workshop. The Charter of the Sai Organisation, laid out way back in the 1960s, had specifically framed a unique 9-points Code of Conduct, comprising of daily meditation, family and community bhajans, study circle and service activities which, if one strictly follows in his day to day life, would help him experience this "Divinitv Within"


However one of the most important spiritual exercises or codes laid down by the Charter is the practice of "Self Audit", prior to going to bed every night. "Self-Audit" is taking stock mentally of all me actions, words and thoughts which were good and bad. Trying to curb and eradicate all the bad ones consciously, whereby slowly and steadily it becomes a habit and a part of your personality. Not    just    performing "Self-Audit" every night, but strict compliance thereof should be on the priority list of every Sadhak. Since the final objective is to attain PEACE, "Setf-Audit" helps in identifying all problem areas within the human mind-body workshop in the stillness of the night, so that when one gets up again the next morning, the mind is strictly instructed to be honestly aware of the negative thoughts / negative habits / negative tendencies brought to the fore the previous night, which curb the free-flow of goodness from within. With the help of the intellect and the spiritual will. which is strengthened on a daily basis with this technique, all problem areas connected with thought, word or deed is rectified and kept under strict watch and check.


Emphasis in the Sai Teachings is given firstly to practicing "Right Conduct" under any given situation. Baba says "Right Conduct" depends on our thoughts - Good and Bad. All thoughts are generated through the three main senses of the Human Workshop, namely the eyes, ears and tongue and therefore through thought, word and deed. Hence our main control has to be on the proper use of our eyes, ears and tongue. That mean to see good, hear good and speak softly. Thus, thought, word and deed are the software for right action or right conduct. For this, the best instruments to guide us and to give us the strength to implement "Right Conduct" are Bhajans, Meditation, Gayatri Mantra, Study Circle and Good Company. Unless we have faith in these dictums, and directions and make them a part of our day to day life as outlined, we will miss the vision of our spiritual life. The strict adherence to these spiritual codes is called "Individual Sadhana".


From Individual Sadhana, we move on to Familv Sadhana. Individual Sadhana has to be blend with Family Sadhana. For example,   when   parents individually practice their sadhana. the children and other members also imbibe slowly and steadily and the entire family is benefited. Individuals who undertake spiritual practices over a period of time, develop around themselves positive vibrations which they carry with them wherever they go. These vibrations spread in the environment around them. Peace in the world can only be attained with the help of individuals and their good vibrations, which has a multiplying effect. Bhagavan Baba has repeatedly said that it is the good vibrations of people who sincerely and devotedly perform their individual and family sadhana, which will help in the final mission of world peace. He has -also very succinctly said that the first step towards world peace begins with us "individuals". From the individual to the family and then to the society. Only then will the Utopia of, world peace be achieved. It is for all of us to understand that this sequence is unbreachable and must be followed to attain PEACE for all, which today is merely a dream.


I wish to end by quoting Bhagavan Baba, who says -


"Love is God, God is Love, Love more and more people, Love them more and more intensely. Transform the love into service, That service is worship.


Start the day with Love, Fill the day with Love, Spend the Day with Love, End the Day with Love, That is the way to God. If you love Me, you will love all,


If you treat anyone harshly, you are treating Me harshly, If you insult anyone, you are insulting Me,


Love makes you humble.    


Tolerate all kinds of persons and opinions, all attitudes and pecularities.


When you love, you have no fear. Fear begets falsehood.


If you have no fear, you will adhere to Truth. Love is Truth. With Love in the heart and Truth in words and actions PEACE is achieved".


It is time for all of us to walk on the spiritual path and to; reconstruct the inner roads of our human workshop. On this auspicious occasion of Guru Purnima, let all of us stand together  in  unison  to understand and follow the Spiritual Truths given to us by one   of   the   Greatest Phenomenon that the world has been witness to, namely, Bhagavan   Sri   Sathya Sai Baba and pray to the Lord and Master to shower His Divine   Blessings   for PEACE AND HAPPINESS FOR   THE    ENTIRE MANKIND.              




sourced: Deccan Chronicle, Hyderabad June 30, 2003 Page 11